Me & Mine - September '15

Thursday, October 01, 2015

me and mine

September absolutely flew by, and I am so excited that it's October now as it means I can seriously start celebrating autumn. We had a really lovely busy month, finished with a horrible week where I've been bed bound with stomach problems. Thankfully I'm almost back to normal now, and can get back to enjoying my last few days of maternity leave.

This month we spent a lot of time celebrating with our loved ones. Both of our mums had their birthdays, my best friend had hers, our friends got married and Zach's little cousin was christened! It means our weekends have been jam packed, and we have really enjoyed spending time with everyone. We feel so lucky to have been able to share so many special occasions with such lovely people!

Zach has cut his second tooth this month, straight after his first one popped through. He looks so cute with his two little toothies! He hasn't hit any new major milestones this month, but has been getting stronger in his legs so we think he'll be standing up alone soon. He's started (sort of) waving and clapping which is really exciting, and he's a lot more communicative with his actions. He can be a right diva too if he doesn't get his own way!

This month has marked the official end of my maternity leave and I can't quite believe that we're here already! After thinking that I was going to stay home for a few more months with Zach I am actually starting a new job next week which is really exciting. To be honest though it's really quite scary too! I've also suffered this past week with some stomach problems, which we think might be an allergic reaction to coffee. When I said in my 20 Totally Random Facts that I couldn't drink coffee it turns out it is truer than I thought!

Jono's had a very busy month juggling two jobs, our social life and looking after both Zach and I whilst I've been bed bound! I am so grateful for everything he does, he's my superhero! It is both his birthday and our anniversary in October and I can't wait for us to celebrate together and have a couple of baby free nights!

dear beautiful
This post has been written as part of the ‘Me & Mine’ family portrait project.


  1. What a lovely photo, I love the way you and Zach are looking at each other. :) I really hope you start to feel better soon, that must be really horrible for you. xx

  2. Such a busy month and such a beautiful photo!! Good luck with the start of work and enjoy your last few days of maternity leave x


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