October Bucket List

Saturday, October 03, 2015


I love reading people's monthly bucket lists and I think it's a great way to make plans and goals for the weeks ahead. I thought I would start writing my own each month, and share with you the things I hope to achieve. This month is going to be a big one for us as my maternity leave ends and I am starting a new job. We are going to see a lot of change but I am excited for a new start. It is also the month that two of my friends move to Canada which I am so upset about, but really excited for them too! I am hosting their leaving party which I can't wait for! It is also my sister's 10th birthday, our 3rd anniversary, Jono's birthday, Aunty Holly's birthday AND Halloween! So much fun to look forward to! Here's what I want to achieve this month:

- Buy a new coat - I am in need of a new coat for this winter, and I have my eye on one so I might just have to make a sneaky order!

- Find a new routine - Starting a new job means that I will need to find a new routine in order to fit everything in. I've been struggling with finding the right time to blog recently, so I might put by a set time each week to get stuff done.

- Host a successful party - I have been planning my friends' leaving party for a few weeks now, and it's coming together really well. I've made a pinterest board of ideas and have bought lots of bits already, I just hope they like it!

- Perfect my pumpkin pie - It is the month of all things pumpkin, and although I have already made one pumpkin pie this month the pastry let it down. It shrunk and was under-baked - Mary and Paul would not have been impressed! Pastry is my nemesis but I am determined to get it right!

- Go on a date night - I'm hoping that with it being both our anniversary and Jono's birthday that this month we will be able to get out for a night just us two. It's something I miss so much from life pre-Zach, and I can't wait to go out and have some food and drinks baby free!

- Take Zach Swimming - This is something I have been meaning to do for weeks and weeks. Zach absolutely loves swimming but we have only taken him a couple of times, and I really want to make an effort and go at least once this month.

- Start Christmas shopping - I normally leave my shopping until December every year, but I really want to start this month. This Christmas is going to be really exciting as it's Zach's first, so I want everything to be perfect.

I think I'm going to leave it there! I hope I get it all done, come back next month to see how I get on!


  1. This is such a great idea, i think i need to start writing up bucket lists to make the months more fun. xxx

    1. Thank you Vikki! Definitely do it I'd love to read yours xx


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