Weaning | 8 Months Old

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I thought I would write a post about how we are getting on with weaning Zach now that he is 8 months old. We first gave him solids when he was five and a half months old, after initially planning to start at four months. I am so glad we waited as it was definitely the right decision for Zach. If you are unsure about when to give your baby food, my advice would be to wait until they show a clear interest in food - but of course, do whatever feels right for you and your baby.

We decided to start with purees but to give him finger foods too, and go from there. I will put my hands up here and say that I have only ever made Zach one puree. I don't really know why as I had always imagined myself making everything for him from scratch. Instead, we have fed him Ella's Kitchen or Aldi Mamia pouches which I couldn't recommend enough. All of the ingredients in the pouches from both brands are organic which is something I think is really important as I want to try limit the number of chemicals present in Zach's food. There are so many different flavours available from Ella's Kitchen, many of which Zach wouldn't have tried had I made his food myself.

Alongside his pouches we have given him finger foods too from when he was around six months old. We started with things that were easy for him to eat, such as soft fruit and baby snacks by the brand Organix. They make puffs (like wotsits) for babies which are a great thing to start with as they melt in your mouth, which is great when your baby is learning to swallow food. We gradually gave him harder things, and now at eight months old he can eat a wide variety of things.

Recently we've found that Zach no longer wants to be fed with a spoon, and prefers to pick up food and feed himself. We are so happy about this, and have been giving him lots of new foods to try. We try to eat together as a family at our dining room table whenever we can, and for the most part Zach eats what we do. Of course, there are things he can't have, but for instance if we were having a vegetable curry he would have the vegetables and the rice without any of the sauce.

We do still give him some purees, however these are as an addition to a meal when he hasn't eaten a lot, rather than the main meal itself. We try to vary what he eats, and give him plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. We don't allow Zach to eat anything like chocolate, cake or crisps, because we don't see the need to feed him things with such little nutritional value. He doesn't know what they are yet, and they're not good for him so it seems right for us not to give them to him. Of course, in time this will change, and at his first birthday he will definitely be allowed some cake!


  1. Ah bless him, little mucky pup! We are at about the same stage and also did a mix of both purees and finger foods. I do struggle when T doesn't eat much when feeding herself, and still resort to purees quite a bit so that I know she is getting a good amount of nutrition. Maybe I need to get a bit braver....

    1. That's the main reason we're still giving him purees - it worries me a bit not to top up when he hasn't eaten a lot! xx


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