{The Ordinary Moments} #33 - My Sweet Boy

Monday, November 30, 2015

This past week has been really hard. Zach has been a teething mess as his top tooth has decided to make an appearance. You know the drill; snotty nose, sleepless nights and lots of tears. He's not been a happy bunny, and it is so hard to watch him suffer. Combine that with a 'leap', and parenting has been exhausting to say the least. Not only is he in pain and miserable, he has been a right diva too. Our placid babe appears to have disappeared for the time being. Please send gin.

But before I get carried away with complaining, there's been some pretty special moments this past week too. It seems to be the way that just when I'm counting down to bed time my little boy will do something so sweet that I instantly feel guilty for wishing the day away. That's the thing with leaps - the difficult behavior is coupled with huge developments. Zach is growing up before our eyes, and the new things he's learning definitely makes up for the hard work.

The latest development has to be my favourite yet, and I couldn't be prouder of my sweet boy. It all began last weekend when we headed to a family party. Zach's cousin Lilah was there. She is just a few months younger than him, and we're sure that in the years to come the two of them will be thick as thieves. Previously when we've met up they haven't really paid each other much attention so it was so lovely to watch them together now they're a little older.

We were in the living room where we sat them down on the carpet together so they could see each other. My sweet boy went and nuzzled his head into her and it was so clear that he was trying to hug her. He kept putting his lips on her as if he was trying to kiss her, and I just melted. I've spent months longing for him to show us affection. He hates cuddles and kisses from Jono and I, so watching him with Lilah was so magical. 

This weekend Zach did the same with our friends' baby girl, who again is just a few months younger than him. Even though we were seeing him do it for the second time it didn't make it any less amazing to watch. It was so adorable, and I couldn't be prouder of the boy I'm raising. I hope that with our encouragement he continues to grow into the sweetest boy, showing everyone love and kindness.

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  1. Aw this is so lovely and it is amazing to watch them giving affection- he sounds like a lovely boy. I hope he starts giving Mummy and Daddy cuddles soon too. x


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