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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Darwin & Gray

Over the past month or so I have spotted many Christmas decorations popping up on Instagram that I absolutely love.  This year we have decided to buy a large proportion of our decorations and gifts from small business, and there are so many amazing ones on Instagram at the moment. 

Today I am sharing some pieces I bought from a brand called Darwin & Gray who have a store on Etsy. There are a few more things they sell I have my eye on (I'm looking at you letter cushions), but for now I thought I'd stick to some festive bits. 

Filthy Animal Sign

This banner is what caught my eye initially because I absolutely love Home Alone, and this quote always makes me laugh! It is fantastic quality, and I can't wait to hang it up when we decorate for Christmas. We are waiting until this weekend, as our tradition is to put up the decorations on the first Saturday of December.


I also ordered this bauble for our tree. It is personalised with Zach's name, and again I have seen these all over Instagram. I love everything white and anything personalised so this was a winner and I can't wait to put it up! I have accepted fate, and decided that we will have a small tree this year as Zach would destroy a big one. I'm sure there'll be a post next week showing all our decorations once they are up so come back for that!


  1. These are gorgeous Chantal! I love that you're buying from small businesses this year, every little really helps and they make such beautiful things, not like these mass produced things that everyone down the street will have. Can't wait to see your decs up, we need to go and buy our tree today hopefully! If not, tomorrow.. or the next day. Oops xxx

    1. It's really nice to support the small businesses and you're so right the bonus is having different things to what is on the high street! We're doing ours tomorrow and I can't wait! xx


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