5 Things I've Learnt In My First Year As A Mother

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Zach and I

Tuesday marks Zach's first birthday which means it has been a whole year since I became a mother. And I have survived - hurrah! Every aspect of life changes when you become a parent, and you have to find ways to adapt. I've loved every second, but it's been a tough ride and I have learnt a lot along the way. I thought that I would share 5 things I've learnt in my first year as a mother:

You can do almost anything one-handed:
This is a skill I learnt pretty quickly, and something I deem a necessity. As a newborn Zach wanted to be held a lot of the time, and this meant I had to try and get things done with him in one arm. I can now successfully make up a bottle, cook dinner and apply make up one handed. Although he is almost one I still find myself carrying him around with me, and just last night had to do the hoovering with him on my hip!

It doesn't get easier, you just get better:
We found looking after Zach as a newborn incredibly tough. Sleepless nights, a totally dependent baby, and feeling totally thrown in at the deep end makes those first few weeks really hard. And although yes, some things are easier now (Zach sleeps through the night!), on the whole the game has just changed. Now we are faced with a toddling child who wants to open every cupboard and empty the contents all over the floor, who throws his food around the dining room instead of eating it and cries when he doesn't get his own way. We're just a lot better at dealing with it (she says).

You will not parent the way you thought you would:
I'm hoping this one is not just me! Pre-baby there were so many things that I thought I would or wouldn't do as a parent. I didn't want my child to watch tv, play with my iPhone or have a dummy. I have given in on all three counts. I think the key is moderation. Cbeebies has been an utter life saver, as it means I can get a bit of cleaning done, but I still wouldn't want him sitting in front of the tv all day.

Having a break can make all the difference:
This is something that I have found especially since going back to work. Having those few days each week where I don't have to worry about someone else gives me a chance to refresh. I've found that the time Zach and I spend together now is far more special, and I believe we have both benefited from a little bit of independence. Even during maternity leave I enjoyed the odd afternoon to myself, because truly there is nothing better than a bit of 'me-time'.

You will never love anyone more than you love your child:
Ending the post on a bit of a soppy moment, but I couldn't ignore this one. The love you have for your child is like nothing else. People talk about it a lot, but untilI had Zach I didn't understand just how powerful it could be. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my boy, and I'm sure that other parents feel the same about their little babes, even when they're being total terrors.

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  1. Totally agree with all of these Chantal, great post! xx

  2. Aww such a lovely post and as we're approaching Isabella's first birthday I can completely relate to all of these! :) #TheList

    Helen x


  3. The love we have for our child really is like no other love. I also agree we don't end up parenting like we imagine, it really is about finding ourselves and getting to know this amazing little person we created. Great post #Thelist linked after you xx

    1. Thank you - loving your children is the most amazing feeling isn't it? :) xx

  4. This brought a tear to my eye. Even though Master X is only 6 months I can see changes from what you have said. I think the hardest has been not being able to parent the way that I thought/hoped that I would. I have realised that 'what I do' is not so much as important as 'how I do it'. Thank you for sharing #TheList

    1. I find it really hard not being the parent I wanted to be, but I try to remember that as long as he's happy and healthy that is all that is important xx

  5. The parenting method I'm definitely with you. I thought I would use Gina Food, but he just slept to his own tune etc. #TheList

  6. 'You will not parent the way you thought you would' this exactly, this! Thanks so much for linking up to #thelist x


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