5 Things I Do As A Parent Which I Thought I Wouldn't

Friday, February 26, 2016

One of the things I've learnt in my first year as a mother is that no matter what you will not parent the way you thought you would. Before you have a baby you have an idyllic idea of what parenting is like, and then once your child arrives that gets totally thrown out of the window. Or at least it did in my case! I had so many views on things I would and wouldn't do as a parent, and so far I've found that I haven't stuck with many of them. I've let go a little and gone with the flow, all in the name of survival!

Here are 5 things I do as a parent which I thought I wouldn't:

Letting Zach watch television:
When I was pregnant I was so sure that I wasn't going to let Zach watch television. It was something I really thought I would stick to, but then after realising that a little time spent in front of Cbeebies meant that I could get some housework done I was converted. Zach loves it and has even learnt to touch his nose à la Mr Tumble. His favourite show is Bing, and I love seeing the joy in his face as he watches his favourite programmes. I think the key is balance, so for now the television is staying, just not all day every day.

Giving Zach a dummy:
When I was pregnant I bought two dummies 'just in case'. There are so many opinions on this one, and really I had no idea what would be the right thing for Zach. Initially we began without, but after a week of living with an unhappy and unsatisfied newborn it was suggested we try one and it changed everything. Now Zach has his dummy when he sleeps and is gradually giving it up himself so we hope we won't have any issues taking it away in the future.

Giving purées, spoon feeding and chocolate:
When it came to weaning I was totally in the baby-led camp and intended to give Zach proper solids so that he could feed himself. Whilst to some extent this has been the case, I did also feed him purée for several months which I hadn't expected to. Even to this day we do both baby-led and spoon feeding, and for the most part this works for us. With regards to chocolate, I had intended to not let Zach try it until he was one. With Christmas just before his birthday we did let this one slide, but still don't give it to him on a regular basis. Whilst he doesn't know what it is we don't feel the need.

Letting Zach play with my phone:
I still have mixed feelings about this one, because although I want Zach to use current technology I don't want him to lose himself to it. I don't know what the right balance is, and it's something I want to be conscious of going forward. I don't want to find myself with a toddler who is addicted to an iPad to the point where they won't play with their toys. But that being said, we do let Zach play with our phones although currently he just likes to hold down the main button and talk to siri!

Buying ugly and noisy plastic toys:
I had big dreams of only buying Zach beautiful wooden toys, and this one went out of the window pretty quickly. The jumperoo was the biggest step in the direction of plastic toys, and since the day that entered our house a lot of other bright garish things have followed. Zach loves them, and he has some wooden toys too which make me feel a little better about the situation!

Is there anything you do differently as a parent than you expected to?

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  1. I love this, I think we all have these wonderful ideas of how parenthood will be and it all goes out the window when the baby is born! I was always pretty anti-dummies, but bought one for both of mine in the first few weeks after they were born and they did help them settle to sleep for awhile. They didn't keep them long though so luckily we didn't have any battles about 'giving them up', sounds like Zach will be the same and just naturally stop needing his. I'm a big believer in letting children do things when THEY are ready! x #TheList

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think you are so right about letting children do things when it's right for them - I'm just going with the flow and following his cues! xx

  2. Yes, I was the same on TV, dummies and my phone! Oh well, they seem to be developing fine! #thelist


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