{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #5 - Zach's First Birthday

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

After a whirlwind week or so of celebrations I have finally found a chance to sit down and type up my thoughts on my boy's first birthday. It felt like it came all of a sudden despite having made plans for it months in advance. Of course, some things you can't plan, and sadly Zach was not very well over the few days before his birthday, and on the day itself. What we suspected to be teething (the usual cause of unhappiness in our boy) actually turned out to be hand, foot and mouth. Thankfully, aside from being a bit miserable, he wasn't too badly affected and we were still able to do the things we had planned.

Both Jono and I took the day off for Zach's birthday and we wanted to keep it a special day with just us and his grandparents. We opened presents, had a party food lunch with birthday cake, and then headed out to the farm. We arrived to find it was closed as we stupidly hadn't checked the opening times properly, so ended up at a garden centre instead. Not exactly what we were planning, but there was a tractor and some fake animals, and I'm sure Zach didn't notice the difference! We finsihed the day by heading out for a curry as surprisingly Zach loves anything spicy. Sadly he wasn't feeling too great so didn't really eat anything, so we will have to go again another time.

It was so lovely to spend the day with our parents, and it felt so special to do something low key. I wanted to keep it as calm as possible so that Zach could just enjoy his birthday properly, and keep the big party for the weekend. So Sunday saw our house being taken over by a million stars as our theme was 'twinkle twinkle little star'. Despite only inviting close friends and family we ended up with a house full of people, and there was so much love for one little boy in our living room.

I plan to share a few photos over the next few weeks, but despite grand plans to document the whole thing I didn't take nearly as many as I had hoped. I was just too busy enjoying Zach's big day. I can't put into words how lucky I feel that there are so many people who love our sweet boy. So many people made a real effort to be there, and Zach was truly and utterly spoiled rotten. The best part of the party by far was seeing him play with the his little friends. Their at an age now where they're taking an interest in each other, and his friend Zoe was the absolute cutest by giving the birthday boy lots of cuddles and kisses!

It's only now sinking in that we have a fully fledged toddler on our hands. We have to let go of having a baby now, and although part of me wants to weep at every newborn photo Timehop shows me, I'm so proud of the boy Zach is becoming. Here's to another wonderful year, I'm sure it will be just as amazing as the last one was, and I can't wait to see what it brings!

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