Me & Mine - March '16

Thursday, March 31, 2016

We're a quarter of the way through 2016 now, and March has been my favourite month yet. It was a little more low key than the first two months of the year, and this meant more time for relaxing and having some fun as a family. Whilst I love being busy I do appreciate living life at a slower pace now and again.

The most exciting thing this month was Zach saying his very first word, banana! He is not very verbal and shows no interest in learning to talk so hearing him say something was amazing. He's said it a handful of times since, and he babbles a lot more than he used to so who knows what will happen in the coming months. He's also showing that he understands what we say a lot more which is great aside from when he purposely does the opposite of what we ask!

This month also marked our first little family holiday. We packed our bags and headed to Eastbourne for Easter, for a long weekend by the sea. It was so so much fun, and I have shared lots of photos over on my Instagram if you want to have a nose! This month's family portrait is from our holiday and was taken on Easter Sunday at the top of Beachy Head (it was crazy windy!) before a big roast dinner. Zach's passport has now arrived so I think our next holiday might be a bit further afield!

March marked the one year anniversary of this blog which was a really exciting milestone to reach. I also found out the amazing news that someone has nominated me in the MAD Blog Awards in the category 'Best Baby Blog'. I am so grateful that someone thought of me, and if you also want to nominate me (or anyone else for that matter!) for an award you can do here.

April has a lot to live up to!

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  1. Ooh I love Eastbourne, what a lovely shot! Well done Zach, I bet he will be chatting away soon and you'll be wanting a bit of peace haha.. I know that's what happened to us anyway ;) xx

  2. Ahhh check out his windy hair! Now he is chatting and sees your reaction I am sure he will bring out lots more words! He is probably taking in so many words, ready to blurt out one day! Lovely photo of you all

  3. Hope you had a lovely little break away, this is such a cute photo. And I love how his first word was banana, LL is literally obsessed with bananas! xx

  4. Oh when they say their first words! heart melt! Hope you had a lovely easter break, we're looking forward to our next one xx


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