Weaning Update - 13 Months Old

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about weaning so thought it was about time for an update now Zach has turned one. It’s been a bit of a rocky road and for a while I absolutely dreaded dinner time, but things have improved recently (she says).

*touches wood*

Zach no longer has purees of any kind, and hasn’t done since he was about 10 months old. Even then they were just to get a little extra goodness in him. Over the past two weeks we’ve also dropped his afternoon bottle of formula so he now just has one in the morning and one before bed.

We decided it was the right time to make this move as dinner time had been a struggle for quite a while. Both breakfast and lunch were a doddle, but when dinner time came around food was being spat out or flung across the room. You should see the state of my beige carpets!

We realised he was probably still full from his afternoon bottle and instead have replaced it with a snack such as fruit and a yogurt or some cheese – the health visitor suggested sticking with something dairy so this is what we’ve done for the most part.

We’ve also tried to cook meals which appeal to Zach whilst still being healthy, and also still allowing for variation. He loves rice and cous cous so we have been trying lots of different meals that include these as usually he will eat whatever we serve with them. Pasta however is a no go and gets spat straight back out!

Vegetables are still a work in progress. Zach will eat them if they are in a curry sauce(!) but aside from that he’s really not keen. I plan to keep offering them, and I hope that eventually he will start eating them. Fruit is the total opposite as he can’t get enough of the stuff; I’m yet to find one he doesn’t like!

The only other two things worth noting are that we buy organic food where we can and we eat dinner together at the table. We did neither of these things before Zach ate with us, but as he eats what we eat we wanted to make the effort to give him things which were better for his body. I always ate at the table as a child and I love that time together as a family enjoying my favourite thing (all the food!)

I plan to do a couple of posts over the next month or so to show the types of meals we serve Zach so keep an eye out for those. I love reading what other people feed their toddlers as it gives me so much inspiration – something which is definitely needed when it comes to feeding these picky little ones!

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