5 Things I Love About Zach At 14 Months Old

Friday, April 22, 2016

Zach is 14 months old, and quite frankly is a bit of a handful nowadays. He's started testing the boundaries and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his own way. Although he can be hard work, he can also be the most wonderful and loving little boy and it is this that I want to remember. He does so many funny things that I'm sure will be lost with time, so I wanted to take the time to document them before they disappear forever.

Waving at the Cathedral

This is something he has done for a long time now but never fails to make me smile. On our walk into town to pop to the shops we pass the Catherdral, and every time Zach sees it his face lights up and he waves. He gets so excited and it so sweet to watch - I really hope he continues to do this as I love it so much!

Nodding when he does something clever

I don't know where he picked this up, but whenever Zach does something he thinks is clever he will nod as if to blow his own trumpet. It is usually when he has closed the lid of his cup himself, but will also do it when we tell him he has been a "clever boy". It's like he's saying "yes, look at me, aren't I amazing?" - you most definitely are little one.

Dancing as soon as he hears music

Zach began dancing long before he could walk, and would bounce around to the beat as soon as we put on any music. It is still one of his favourite things to do, and as soon as he hears a tune will start waving his arms around and moving his body from side to side. He also loves to clap along to music, or spin around on the spot making himself dizzy.

Dipping his food

When we went on holiday to Eastbourne for Easter Zach was introduced to dips for the first time. He was given a small pot of hummus with some vegetable sticks, and from that moment on has loved dipping his food into whatever we give him; ketchup, curry sauce, gravy, you name it he will want it. Often he dunks his fingers in too, so dinner time is usually a messy affair, but we have found it means he will eat foods he used to refuse which is pretty darn amazing.

Snuggling with fluffy bunny

I'm not sure why she has never been mentioned on my blog before but fluffy bunny is Zach's comforter/love of his life. She is absolutely filthy as he loves to drag her around with him, but I am too scared to wash her in case she is still wet when he needs her at bed time. Although she is gross, I love seeing him snuggle with her as it reminds me he is still my little baby who needs his bunny despite how much he's grown up recently.

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  1. My son, Archer (28months) used to dance all the time, I miss that! He still loves to snuggle up to his blanky though, but thankfully he lets me wash it every now and then. Thanks for sharing #TheList

    1. His dancing is so cute! Wish I could wash Zach's - it's my project for the weekend! xx


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