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Monday, April 18, 2016

'Forever is composed of nows'

I'm one of those annoying people who blabbers on and on going "life's too short" and "you only live once", although for the most part that's just to avoid doing the washing up. That being said, I am a big believer in putting happiness first although it's not always that easy to achieve. There are so many boring things that take up time as an adult/parent, and these can often get in the way of the things that we enjoy. Although of course I will still have to spend some time doing the dull stuff, I want to focus a little more on the things that bring me joy. 

I've been tagged by the lovely Jade from Raising the Rings to share my 'non negotiables' - the things that bring me happiness, which I won't compromise on and I think this a great place to start. They're all pretty simple, much like my resolutions for the year, but that means they're achievable, and that my friends is the goal. So here they are:

Update my wardrobe

My post-baby, one-size-bigger-than-I-used-to-be, wardrobe is looking a bit dire, and is in serious need of some attention. I've been through it and donated bags and bags of things to charity, so now it's time to fill it with some new pieces. I hope to balance style with comfort, as I do spend a lot of time at home or in the park with a very active toddler!

Buy myself flowers

I love having a house full of blooms, especially in the spring and summer months. Although Jono does buy me the odd bunch from time to time, I don't buy them for myself often enough and this is something I want to change. I've found a stall on our local market who sell beautiful bunches which are as cheap as chips, so I plan to treat myself every week from now on!

Find time to bake

Before blogging, baking used to be my hobby of choice. I find it so relaxing, and of course enjoy the fruits of my labour, but it takes a lot of time and leaves behind loads of washing up so I don't do it very often anymore. I really miss getting my bake on, so I plan to make some time to get back in the kitchen and whip up some tasty treats. I also can't wait for the return of Bake Off later this year, which I'm sure will be a great source of inspiration!


I want to make a bit more of an effort to celebrate everything, be it birthdays, hitting new milestones or even just because it's Friday. I think that taking the time to observe these things, and make an event out of them makes them all themore special, and as Zach gets older it will make his childhood more magical. 

I would like to tag Azaria from Being Mrs Lynch and Nicola from Nicola Says - I can't wait to hear what is on your lists!

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