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Thursday, April 28, 2016

When Jono and I found out we were expecting a baby we couldn't have been less prepared. Living in one room of a shared house meant that we needed to move, and pretty sharpish. We found ourselves a gem of a house which is where we now call home and it is perfect for our little family.

When we moved we didn't have much, just a bed and a chest of drawers (and a whole load of kitchen equipment I had been hoarding!) so we had to start pretty much from scratch. We weren't in the position to buy new furniture for the whole house, and were very lucky to be given quite a few things from friends and family.

Our sofa is one such item that we were lovingly given, and since then it has sat happily in our living room, being very much a part of our everyday life. I read an article recently by Distinctive Chesterfields which spoke about the average lifetime of a sofa which I found interesting. According to them the average sofa has seen:

232 movies watched and 4380 hours total of TV time
1 quite stressful house move
It has seated 284 visitors but also been jumped on 1548 times by your pets
167 spillages but only 3 permanent stains
£17.60 in total found among it's cushions and 11 lost socks
1 new TV and 3 new blankets
178 books read on its cosy seats
192 arguments between couples and 215 cries, but 845 cuddles
78 hangovers and 161 naps

Now I'm pretty sure ours hasn't seen that many hangovers (being a parent means evenings are boriiiiing), but it has witnessed our family grow from bump to toddler. It is on our sofa that I used to lie, heavily pregnant, watching Netflix and feeling my little baby wiggle around inside my tummy. It is on our sofa that we took Zach's first photo in our home wearing his 'coming home' outfit. And it is on our sofa where our now cheeky toddler likes to practice his gymnastics.

Our sofa has seen:

36 raisins hiding in its crevices
48 newborn naps, and 97 new mummy naps
jam smeared all over it's cushions
21 toys chewed on and thrown
43 toddler tantrums, and counting
68 fajita fridays and 1 Eurovision cheese party
It has housed 6 new cushions and 2 new blankets
19 books have been read when there is cleaning to be done
453863429542 hours spent on iPhones

And that's not the half of it!

But times are changing in our household and we're thinking it might be time for us to part ways with our sofa. It is part of a set, with two armchairs and footstool, which takes up quite a bit of space - something that we are running out of due to our living room resembling Toys Are Us. I have plans to create a corner that is just for Zach, meaning we need to downsize by Christmas at the latest.

I'd love to have a grey sofa bed so that we have somewhere for people to sleep when they stay over. Something that's not too big, but looks modern and is super comfy. I've got my eye on the Finnley sofa from Next, or the Chou from I'd then team it with a statement armchair in either navy or pink, but I haven't spotted the perfect one yet - I'm keeping my eye open!

Please let me know what has your sofa seen, perhaps 87 drunken Domino's?

*This is a collaborative post however all opinions, and hours spent on my iPhone, are my own*


  1. We bought a new sofa 2 years ago. Best buy ever. So far it has seen poo, crumbs, lost biscuits, milk puke, spilled tea etc.


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