{The Ordinary Moments 16} #7 - Puddle Splashing

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April showers bring May flowers.

Until this week I don't remember the last time I willingly stepped in a puddle. It's one of many things I no longer do as an adult, usually because the costs outweigh the benefits. Cold and soggy feet for the rest of the day? No, thank you.

Living life with a toddler however has changed things a little because our cheeky chappy doesn't see things the same way. If there's fun to be had there's no stopping him no matter what the consequences. He lives in the moment and seeks joy with every move he makes, and I plan to take a leaf from his book.

So this week, as the heavens opened, I indulged my toddler and my inner child, and headed out in search for puddles. They draw Zach in like magnets, once he spots one he's off. And so, we stood and splashed, moved to the next, and stood and splashed, and on, and on we went.

And do you know what?

Seeing his face light up and hearing him giggle as we splashed about in the water was just the most magical thing. To see something so simple bring him so much joy made me realise how often as adults we bypass fun in favour of being sensible.

But I think life is too short for that, so I plan to let loose a little and enjoy the simple things. I want to spend my summer rolling down hills, paddling in streams and laughing so hard my belly hurts. All with my little boy by my side.

(And I think I should invest in some wellies too).


  1. Aw this is so lovely. (and yes you should definitely invest in some wellies!) What is it about children and puddles? Mine are exactly the same too! Here's to a summer of adventure and fun for you all. PS I love your new blog tweaks. xx

    1. Thank you Katie! Yes, I'm off to order some now - I doubt his love affair with them will end any time soon! xx

  2. Aren't toddlers brilliant for helping us see the fun in everything - ever curious and so open to new things. Lovely post xx

    1. They definitely are, having a toddler has really opened my eyes! xx

  3. Any sniff of a puddle and one of mine will be splashing about. Definitely time for some wellies though!! You're a brave lady!!!


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