Zachary at 14 Months Old

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Has said his first word, banana, but only a couple of times

Can clap

Has tantrums!

Loves In The Night Garden, Bing, Mr. Tumble and Toy Story

Has been on his first holiday

Is in a forward facing car seat

Hates pasta

Can spin around in circles

Loves his fluffy bunny

Eats most things, and will try anything at least once

Has his first proper pair of shoes in size 4F

Plays the drums

Loves splashing in puddles

Still hates kisses and cuddles

His favourite book is Dear Zoo

Enjoys playing 'monster' with his Aunty Evie

Is just about to grow out of his 9-12 month clothes

Loves playing with water & drinking it through straws

Has 12 teeth!!

Knows what he wants, and cries if he doesn't get it

Has dropped down to two bottles per day

Is fascinated by animals

Has fun at Tumble Tots with his Omi


  1. He is flying it at 14 months. I can't believe he has 12 teeth. That is madness. There is only a few hours between Chloe and Zach. :) Chloe was born 1st February. With the different she has no teeth, she is a fussy eater and is not able to handle proper food yet so still has lumpy food. There is still a lot she needs to learn. Tantrums and not getting her own way is her number one thing to do.

    1. Oh wow! How crazy that they are so close in age :) He had just four teeth two months ago, and they seem to have exploded! Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment lovely xx


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