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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

There's been a bit of a buzz about Japanese nappies recently, and I have been so interested to see if they live up to the hype. We were sent a pack of 'Moony' nappies to try out ourselves, and I couldn't wait to give them a go.

Obviously Zach wears nappies almost all of the time, so it is really important to find the right ones - for us the most important factors are comfort, absorbency and price; they need to be affordable as well as do the job. We usually buy the Mamia nappies from Aldi, so I was excited to see how the Japanese nappies would compare.

Moony Japanese Nappies Review

In the UK, Japanese nappies are only available for purchase from Amazon*, retailing at £17.88 for a pack of 54. Although this makes them really easy to order, it is less convenient than being able to pop to a local shop to buy them if you run out. The price point is also a lot higher than what I usually pay for nappies. For comparison, I buy Zach the Mamia nappies from Aldi at just £3.38 for a pack of 48.

Considering how much they cost I was expecting great things, and I was happy to find that they are incredibly soft and thick. They look super comfortable, and are really flexible - which is great for our extremely active toddler. The Japanese nappies are wider than those we usually use, and come a wetness indicator, which is not something we have used since Zach was a newborn, but it is a handy feature nonetheless.

One thing I wasn't impressed with is the absorbency. We have found that they leak a lot, although I think this may be because they are too big for Zach. I would recommend getting the smaller size if your child is between two. The tabs are also not very sticky, which has meant that Zach is easily able to take them off himself; although this has led to some amusing situations!

Overall, I thought that the quality of the nappies was great, but due to the price, and the fact that they leaked for us I wouldn't buy them again. I have heard great things from other bloggers though, so it is worth reading a bit more if you are interested in Japanese nappies, as they may be perfect for you!

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