Zachary at 16 Months Old

Friday, June 03, 2016

Can walk on tip toes

Still fits in his first pair of shoes!

Loves playing with his train set, and can put the track together himself

Is obsessed with blueberries

Wears 12-18 month clothes

Has one nap a day

Loves playing with other children

Understands instructions - will get his shoes or head to bed if we ask him to

Doesn't like drinking cow's milk

Gives very rare kisses and cuddles

Loves to sit on my lap and read

Is finally eating pasta

Still isn't really talking

Loves playing with stones and will pick them up wherever we go

Feeds himself with a fork

Goes 'brum brum' when he's playing with cars


  1. He is so cute and so photogenic! I also completely love those leggings! Do they do adult size??? :) xx

  2. He's gorgeous lovely and growing up so fast. I love his watermelon leggings. x

    1. Thank you! He definitely is - so so fast! Hope you and your lovely family are well xx


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