2016 Goals So Far

Friday, July 01, 2016

Way back at the beginning of January I wrote about how this would be the year I set smaller, more manageable goals for myself. Now we are six months in I thought it would be a good time to have a look back at what I wanted to achieve and see how I'm getting on!

Go on holiday.

At the end of March we headed to Eastbourne for Easter weekend for our very first family holiday. A weekend away, just us three, was exactly what we needed and we truly had the best time.

We have two more holidays lined up for this year, and both a little further afield than the south coast. In September we will be taking Zach on his first flight to go and visit my family in Bremen, Germany. We are then heading back to Germany in December to visit Berlin and go to the Christmas markets. If anyone has any tips for flying with a toddler please let me know!

Learn to make pasta.

I'm pretty happy to say I have achieved this, although I have only made it once. Jono and I used to eat a lot of pasta because it is such a quick meal to prepare, but then a certain cheeky toddler decided that he didn't like it. Over the past few weeks he's finally started to eat it, so I think it might be time to get out the pasta maker again!

Read (at least) 26 books.

When I chose to read (at least) 26 books this year, it was because I really wanted to aim for 52, but knew I would be so disappointed if I didn't achieve it. So far I have read 20, so I'm pretty happy with my progress and will definitely manage my first goal if not my second!

Learn to make cocktails.

So far this year the only cocktail I have made was on a hen do, however I would still love to learn to make some at home. I need to get my bum into gear and buy a cocktail shaker, as well as expand our spirit collection.

Drop a dress size.

Not quite, but I am feeling a lot happier and more confident in my own skin than I was back in January. My aim has shifted a little, and my focus is now on being healthier and fitter - although I would still like to lose weight. I've recently begun zumba classes, and I'm keeping a food diary so I am more conscious of what I put into my body.

Learn more German.

Sadly I've not gotten anywhere with this goal. I had high hopes, and Jono and I even bought some language guides, but we are yet to actually pick them up and learn anything. I hope that we will do a little better at this during the second half of the year - and with two trips to Germany coming up we will definitely get a great deal of practice!

Overall I think I'm doing quite well with my goals, and the ones I have yet to achieve are still more than possible within the next six months. By December I will have read enough to fill a library, whilst speaking fluent German and drinking the most heavenly cocktails. Well, here's hoping.


  1. Nice work on the goals! I'm with you there on the cocktails... think that's something I'd be interested in doing this/next year too.


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