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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It’s not very often that Jono, Zach and I have no plans on a Saturday, but when it happens we like to make the most of the day, get outside, and have ourselves a little adventure. So when we found ourselves in that very situation this Saturday we decided to head up to Norfolk because that is where my soul is happy. I had big plans to head to the beach, but it was raining so instead we decided to go to Oxburgh Hall; a beautiful National Trust property that even has a moat!

The drive was a simple one, and thankfully Zach slept the whole way, as there’s nothing worse than a tired toddler. Our first port of call was the restaurant as our tummies were rumbling, and sadly this is where the problems started. Although no longer tired, a certain stroppy little boy was not in the most cooperative of moods and decided it would be fun to throw his food everywhere. Not cool. 

We then made a sharp exit and headed into the house. We’d forgotten Zach’s reins so he had to walk/be carried round the rooms and he was not having any of it. He was either running around like crazy or pulling a tantrum; lying face down on the floor and crying. If I could insert the rolling eyes emoji here I would. I wanted to get out of the situation, fast, so we upped and left. We’ll try it again another time, and hopefully we will get to see more of the grounds too.

By this point the weather had started to cheer up and things get happier from here on out. I decided that we absolutely must go berry picking, so that’s exactly what we did. We went to a farm where we picked our own strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. Zach was in his element, picking the berries from the plants, organising them in the punnets and eating the juiciest fruit he could find! It was so much more successful than I had anticipated, and I can’t wait to take him again.

We hopped back in the car with enough berries to feed an army, and drove up to the coast. There is something about being on the beach that fills me with joy and being there with my two boys makes my heart sing. We spent an hour or so in Heacham; Zach throwing pebbles and shells into the water, Jono finding crabs and me simply breathing in the sea air. I love that when we’re on the beach Zach can run around and explore, free from the pushchair or reins that restrain him.

Finally it was time to turn around and head for home, although we weren’t quite ready to end the day there. We decided that we would stop at Arbuckles; an American style diner in Downham Market which we have wanted to go to for so long. The food was insane – so good but the portions were SO big! I didn’t have room to even finish my main, let alone contemplate dessert, so I definitely need to head back there soon as their sundaes look amazing.

And then it was definitely time for bed, and a chance to dream about our next little adventure.

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