{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #17 - Eeeee! Eeeee!

Monday, August 15, 2016

When I announced I was pregnant, my sister, who was 8 at the time, was less than impressed. In fact her first reaction when I told her the news was to tell me that no way, under any circumstance, would she be sharing her lego with the baby. I think that was probably the worst possible thing she could imagine, and thankfully, so far, she hasn't had to.

Even once Zach was born she still wasn't sure about him. Instead of calling him by his name she referred to him as 'Nacho', she wasn't too keen on holding him and I think she just thought he was really boring. Which to be fair, he kind of was. She just wanted to play and poor Zach didn't do anything other than sleep, eat and poop.

But as time has gone by things have shifted, and now the pair of them, Zach and his Aunty Evie, are the best of friends. It's been a gradual change; the more mobile he is becoming, the more fun he is, and thus the more she wants to play with him. Their bond began to grow with a simple game of chase, with Evie as the 'monster', and Zach her prey. They have played this game over and over, for hours and hours, and still not tired of it.

Currently their favourite thing to do together is to play with the big wooden train set that is at my dads house. Evie puts the track together, building it so that it loops around the entire living room, filling the floor. Zach then goes around after her taking it apart again, unless he is too busy lining up all of the trains.

Recently we have been spending more time with Aunty Evie whilst she enjoys her summer holidays (how I wish we all got six weeks off!).  We've been on day trips all over; to the beach, to Harry Potter studios and to the farm and the two of them have had the best fun together. So much so that Zach has now started to say her name, calling 'Eeeee!', 'Eeeee!', whenever she disappears from his sight. And so far, it's the only name he has picked up so far; a true testament to their bond.


  1. Aw this is so sweet Chantal. I bet Zach is going to love having a Auntie who is close to him in age growing up, I bet she will be the cool one who lets him get up to mischief. ;) x


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