{The Ordinary Moments 2016} #18 - Cheesy Grin

Sunday, August 28, 2016

This week I've been feeling a little miserable. The 'I want to wear pyjamas all day, watch Netflix and eat all of the biscuits' kind. It's been a long time since I last felt like it, and I can't really pinpoint what it is that's getting me down. Perhaps it's the changeable weather, which was glorious on the days I was in the office, and then grey and rainy on my day off. Maybe it's just my hormones, taking over in that annoying way that they do. I really have no idea.

But it's not the same feeling miserable when you have a toddler around. Normally I would want to wallow in self pity, and I do have to admit that on ThursdayI spent Zach's nap time in bed, binge watching Gilmore Girls. Sometimes you've just gotta listen to your heart, you know? But when he's awake there's no time to mope.

He's so full of energy, moving at approximately 34827 miles an hour. He likes to climb: onto the sofa, the coffee table, his high chair, his pushchair, the dining table and even the TV stand. He likes to run around and spin in circles getting dizzy. And whilst I have been using Thomas the Tank Engine as a babysitter a little too often this week, I still need to be there, actively parenting the rest of the time.

So on Friday, when 5pm rolled around, I strapped him into his pushchair and took him out. The weather was glorious (obviously, because it was a work day) and I knew we both needed some fresh air and a run around. On our walk to the park I stopped, got out my camera, pointed it at him and asked him to 'say cheeeese!', and this is the face I got:

There is nothing I love more than seeing his little face light up with the biggest smile. For a boy who looks so much like his dad, that smile is most definitely from me. Just like his mama he looks exactly like the cheesy grin emoji; you know which one I mean! And in that moment, seeing my baby smiling his biggest smile, I instantly felt a million times better.

No matter how down I'm feeling, there will always be a source of joy in my life now that Zach is part of it. He lifts me up, puts everything in perspective, and reminds me that I need to keep my shit together. Of course, I will still have days where I feel miserable, I'm sure everyone does. But, since I became a mum I've changed from a glass is half empty to a glass is half full kind of girl, and if something as simple as a grin can improve my mood so much, I can't wait to find out how uplifting it is when he says the words "I love you mummy".

That boy has my whole heart, and his smile makes my world turn.


  1. Oh what a gorgeous grin! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling down ( the weather never helps does it!) but it's amazing what a bit of fresh air and the eternal optimism of a toddler can do to boost your mood!

    1. Thank you - it definitely is the recipe for feeling better! xx

  2. What a lovely cheesy happy smile he has. Sometimes getting out and about is the best way to brush away the cobwebs isn't it? And I am sorry to hear you have been feeling down, I get those kind of periods sometimes and I have no idea why I am even feeling it. Sending hugs for you lovely. x

  3. That is such a gorgeous cheesy grin! x

  4. UGH I hate periods of life like this and I hope you are feeling happier, but you are so right to listen to your body and do what you need to. I wish we lived close id totally be watching gilmore girls in pjs with you and Id bring the treats ahh! I actually have that on my to do when the kids go back to school next week. A day of doing nothing in bed!! LUSH!
    Hes so sweet and kids are very good at lifting our spirits at low times x

    1. Thank you for this comment Mary! I really wish we lived closer too! xx


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