Weekly Meal Plan #1

Monday, August 29, 2016

I absolutely love reading weekly meal plans; they appeal to my nosey nature, and I always get so many ideas for dishes to try out myself! I thought I would start sharing what we eat, in the hope that it might be enjoyable to anyone out there who likes these posts as much as I do!

We like to sit together at the table, and Zach eats exactly the same food that we do. He's not a particularly picky eater (although now I've said that I'm sure I will have jinxed it), so I tend to cook whatever I fancy. 

This week we are eating at home every night, and I am attempting a couple of new recipes that I spotted on Pinterest. I always find that I start getting back into cooking around this time of year, just as soon as autumn is in sight. I'm totally into hearty meals, and anything that I can add extra veggies into, and these meals totally fit the bill:

MONDAY - Massaman chicken curry + rice

WEDNESDAY - Swedish meatballs, mash, veg + gravy

FRIDAY - Creme fraiche mushroom, pancetta and pea spaghetti

My tummy is rumbling thinking about all of this food! 

What is on your menu this week?


  1. I love Massaman curry! That spaghetti sounds yummy too.

  2. We also all sit down to the same meal every day, and whilst my son is particular with certain things, for the most part he is a good eater - luckily so! I'm such a nosey parker by nature and so love looking at the meal plans of others. I'm keen to hear how the lentil and potato curry turns out; sounds delicious!

    1. I think our sons sound very similar in that respect - Zach is particular with a couple of things too! I Will let you know how the curry is xx


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