Zachary at 18 Months Old

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Loves lining up his cars and trains

Occasionally gives us kisses

Has one long nap every day

Loves doing 'row row row your boat'

Is starting to say a few words

Wears 12-18 month clothes

Would happily watch telly all day every day if we let him

Has started pushing other children

Loves playing peek-a-boo!

Goes to music classes

Lines his cars and trains up on the floor

Still absolutely loves his Fluffy Bunny

Has started swimming lessons

Loves brushing his teeth

Is still obsessed with blueberries

Has huge tantrums over the silliest things

Can climb into his pushchair/highchair/trike by himself

Loves playing on the beach

Has cows milk instead of formula most of the time


  1. Oh, Chantal - he is just adorable. Parker and Zach would be best buds I know it, especially with their love of blueberries! xx


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