Our Autumn Bucket List

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It is no secret that autumn is my favourite season by far; it feels so magical when the leaves begin to fall, the weather gets a little cooler, and you can get all cosy in a blanket. It also feels like the shortest season to me, with there being so little time between the beautiful late summer days like we've been having recently and the freezing cold days of winter.

I've spent months looking at lots of beautiful autumnal images and ideas on Pinterest, and I've used them as inspiration to create the ultimate bucket list. I want to truly embrace the season, so here's what we've got planned:

Pick blackberries and bake a blackberry and apple crumble
Bake a pumpkin pie
Collect conkers
Have a bonfire and toast marshmallows
Go to a firework display
Watch Hocus Pocus
Go on a picnic with a flask of hot chocolate
Play in the fallen leaves
Pick a pumpkin from the farm and carve it for Halloween
Make my own soup
Have a pumpkin spice latte
Dress up for Halloween
Plant daffodils and tulips for spring
Go for a long country walk before stopping at a cosy pub for a roast dinner
Drink mulled cider
Burn berry scented candles
Make an autumn sensory activity
Decorate the house for Halloween
Wrap up warm in woolly hats and gloves
Do some arts and crafts on a rainy afternoon
Read autumn and Halloween themed picture books
Make dinners in the slow cooker
Go for a walk in the woods in our wellies
Buy the perfect winter coats and boots
Make a Halloween basket for Zach

What is on your autumn bucket list?


  1. Between this and your Pinterest you're making me even more excited for autumn than I usually am! All of these things are just perfect :)

    Helen x


  2. I loved reading your list. Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season and I want to do everything and more! LOVE autumn x

    1. Thank you Donna! It's just the best season isn't it?! I'm so excited about it all! xx

  3. What a fantastic idea! So many wonderful Autumnal ideas, I think I might have to steal them ;) Autumn is by far my favourite season, so anything that celebrates it is a must in my book xx

    1. Thank you - go for it!! It's definitely the best time of year xx

  4. Lovely list Chantal! I think I might steal some of these, ruddy love Autumn. I really want to do some baking with P - thinking Autumn might be perfect for it xx

  5. This list is fab, may have to keep coming back to this! I've been autumn pinning too, I'm too excited haha xx


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