Weekly Meal Plan #3

Monday, September 12, 2016

This week is our last at home before we head away on holiday, and we are going to be super busy! I will be out for three (yes, three!) evenings, so our meal plan is somewhat shorter than usual. Somehow I also need to find time to pack our bags ready to jet off on Sunday!

Our favourite meal from last week was the shepherd's pie and veg - proper comfort food!

Here's what is on our menu this week:

MONDAY - Out for a family dinner!

TUESDAY - Lamb keema curry

WEDNESDAY - I'm out for dinner, so it's fish fingers, chips + peas for the boys!

THURSDAY - Vegetable chilli, rice + avocado

FRIDAY - I'm out again, so it's pesto tortellini + veg for the boys!

LUNCHES - Homemade carrot, butternut squash + lentil soup

What is on your menu this week?


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