13th, Polka Dots & Tea #LittleLoves

Friday, October 21, 2016

The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur, and to be honest a little bit rubbish. I've been really busy and stressed at work, and then at home all three of us came down with a horrible sickness bug. I had to cancel so many fun plans, and to be honest have just been feeling a little sorry for myself so I apologise if I've been a bit woe is me on social media!


Over the past week or so I've been really getting back into reading, and I finished The Time Traveler's Wife in just two days. I absolutely loved it, and it seems like so many other people do too, because when I posted this picture on Instagram I had so many people tell me that it is one of their favourites. By finishing this I finally hit my target of 26 books for the year, and with a couple of months left until 2017 I'm going to see if I can push myself to hit 40...!!


This week Jono and I watched the new documentary 13th on Netflix, and if you haven't seen it yet, please go and watch it. Focusing on racial inequality and mass incarceration in the US, this documentary takes you from slavery all the way through to Trump. Powerful, heartbreaking, eye opening and necessary are just a handful of words I would use to describe this timely documentary, and honestly after it finished I just sat and cried. It is a must see.


Lots of cups of tea!

This has been my survival method of choice, and nothing else has said comfort to me the way a warm cup of tea has. Sadly I am out of milk this morning, and as far as I'm aware there's not yet a delivery service that just brings essentials like bread and milk. This definitely should be made a thing.


A new polka dot dress, and lots of bright lippy! After being ill last weekend, meaning I spent days in pjs and not even brushing my hair, I was so ready to dress up a little bit. 


This week I've been listening to mine and Jono's song - Bloom by The Paper Kites. It is so beautiful, and when I can't sleep I like to listen to it on repeat. 


I am absolutely beyond excited that tomorrow I will be heading to the lovely Jade from Raising the Rings' wedding! She is an absolute rock in my life, and I am so happy that I will be there to watch her become a wife! Blogging is a funny old thing, where people you meet through the internet can become your closest friends, and I am so lucky to have found a wonderful group of mamas who just get me, and are there to pick me up when I fall.


  1. Ah have a lovely time at Jade's wedding! I'll be in Norfolk too so I should pop in ;) haha. I adoreeee your little mug - oh and google Milk and More, they may come in handy for the next time the milk runs out xx

    1. I had the best time, thank you! Oh I'll check them out, thanks for the tip!! xx

  2. Wow that's amazing book challenge I am impressed wish I had more time to read I miss it. I do try to get a page in at least once a day. lol But still takes forever. I heard great stuff about this book I will have to get it. Thanks for the recommend. I love a good bright lipstick and no brushing hair my kind of style. Happy weekend ahead #littleloves

    1. I either read a lot in one go or nothing at all! Nothing better than a bright lip when you're feeling down! xx

  3. It's my favourite book of all time! I've read it so many times and still love it. I might get it out and read it again... Hope you're feeling better x

  4. I've seen the film, but never read the book. It's one I'd like to try at some point! So glad you're feeling better now, being ill really does suck - especially with a toddler. Have told G about that documentary, am definitely going to try and watch it. Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding xx

    1. It was really good!! Thank you lovely, I've had a cold this week though, so hopefully next week I will be fighting fit!! Let me know if you watch it xx

  5. Waking up without a cuppa?! What is this madness! Love the mug, I've seen it in Asda but fought the urge to pick it up myself because I have far too many cups and mugs!

    So glad you enjoyed The Time Traveller's Wife! And yay for having met your reading goal!

    I'll have to look in to that documentary. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend with a better week ahead of you!

    1. Oh but it is so cute, you need it in your life ;)

      Definitely give it a watch - really interesting! xx

  6. I adore that book! Don't ever watch the film thought, it's such a disappointing adaptation.
    Great choice on the music, it's such a lovely song and I can see why it helps you sleep.
    Hope you had a wonderful time at Jade's wedding xx


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