Weekly Meal Plan #5

Monday, October 10, 2016

This week is a busy one, so half of our meals this week are super simple, but then the other half are a bit more experimental on the days I have more time to spend cooking. The meal I'm most looking forward to is the Turkish meatballs we are having on Tuesday - mainly because they are topped with pomegranate which I absolutely love.

Our favourite from last week was the leek, pea + pancetta tagliatelle - super quick and easy to make, but seriously delicious!

Here's what is on our menu this week:

MONDAY - Harissa roasted root veg with quinoa + zesty yoghurt

TUESDAY - Turkish meatballs with tabbouleh + houmous

WEDNESDAY - I'm out for dinner, so it's fish fingers, chips + peas for the boys!

THURSDAY - Pesto tortellini + veg

FRIDAY - Homemade pizza

LUNCHES - Mexican chilli bean soup + Thai green chicken soup with seeded rolls

Are you trying any new recipes this week?

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