Zachary at 20 Months Old

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Meg and Mog is his favourite book

Can roar like a lion

Never stops moving

Is only just wearing 18-24 month clothes, although they are all too big

Loves ALL vehicles, in particular trains and motorbikes

Still has two bottles a day

Is obsessed with Bing, and will ask to watch it at least 34583489 times a day

Loves going down the slide

Understands a lot of what we say

His fluffy bunny is still is favourite

Loves watching Frozen

Has a swimming lesson, Tumble Tots, and a music class each week

Plays with his train set every day

Is obsessed with brushing his teeth

Can find the mouse on each page in his "That's not my..." books

Loves colouring with his crayons

Recognises lots of animals and vehicles, and can point to them in books

Can say a quite a few words

Loves to climb

Isn't a picky eater, but doesn't like to sit still for food

Is slowly becoming more affectionate

Loves reading

Can walk, run, jump and spin

Sleeps with a pillow and duvet


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