My Little Cheese Face

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Zach looks like the spitting image of his dad, aside from one thing: his big cheesy grin! It is most definitely something he has inherited from me, and every time he smiles I absolutely swell with pride. Zach is the happiest little boy, and his grin just lights up his whole face. It is always the thing that people comment on when we're out and about; I honestly couldn't count the number of times strangers have exclaimed at how sweet his smile is.

But it's not just his smile that makes me proud; it's his attitude, his confidence, his kindness and how laid back he is the majority of the time that makes me feel so blessed to be this little boy's mama. I'm sure everyone feels this way about their child, but he honestly is my best buddy, my little side-kick, and the person I wish I could spend every second of my day with. Even when he's throwing a tantrum, and making me want to pull all of my hair out, I still love him with every fibre of my being. 

And whilst being a mother can be so ridiculously hard at times, the second I see Zach's little cheese face it's as if all the dark clouds get blown away and I can only see the sunlight. I seem to forget about the times when I've considered listing him on eBay, and realise that actually, those moments are fleeting. Moreover, I realise that time in general is flying by, and before I know it he won't be my little boy any more, and he most definitely won't say cheese on demand.

I can't quite believe that Zach is going to be two in just a few short months, and whilst I wonder where the time has gone, I also dream about what the future will bring. There is so much I am looking forward to, but I need to make a more conscious effort to appreciate the present. Right now life is pretty wonderful, and although as a family we're busy beyond words, we are so lucky to be surrounded by so much happiness, and so blessed to have a son with the most beautiful of smiles.


  1. Gosh, Zach is just so gorgeous Chantal. Lovely xx

  2. I super loved this post. You know I think he's just the most gorgeous little boy in all the world, right? And such lovely words from you :) x

    1. Thank you my sweet, and yes I do, and it makes me so so proud!! xxxxxx


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