Zachary at 22 Months

Monday, December 05, 2016

No longer has a dummy

Is becoming a bit of a picky eater

Sleeps with the sides off his bed

Loves watching Frozen, Bing & Dinopaws

Is still in size 12-18 month jeans

Says no all the time, and shakes his head vigorously when he really doesn't want to do something!

Likes to feed himself, especially yogurts and Wheetabix

Still plays with his train set every day

Always sleeps through the night

Loves to play chase

Is doing really well at swimming, and his just moved up to the next class

Has 16 teeth

Enjoys play dates with his little friends Toby and Teddy

Is getting more generous with his kisses

Loves stickers

Hides things down the radiator, including red candles that then melt all over the cream carpet

Says a few words, but is still not speaking very clearly

Is still obsessed with transport, especially trains

Has two bottles day

Sleeps with his fluffy bunny who he now calls Bing

Loves joining in with the wheels on the bus

Is really good at listening and following instructions

Has no idea that it is almost Christmas and that he is going to be spoiled rotten!

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