Me & Mine - January '17

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I am cheating already, and it is only the first me and mine of the year; this photo was actually taken on New Year's Eve, and it's just an iPhone selfie! I desperately wanted to take some good photos of the three of us this month, but life got in the way and we just didn't manage it but I still desperately wanted to take part so I hope you will all let me off!

January is always a funny month. It feels like a new beginning, but also the most rubbish time of year. I always say that I love winter, and as much as I've enjoyed seeing the beautiful frosts we've had this month I have been absolutely hating the cold. I am seriously longing for spring to arrive.

This month I was very lucky and jetted off on holiday sans boyfriend and baby to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday. We spent a week in Las Vegas which was out of this world incredible, and I have a few photos that I would like to share in the next week or two so keep an eye out for that! The one downside to the trip is that I've spent the last two weeks suffering with some serious post-holiday blues!

For the most part, Zach has been an absolute star in January. It has been his last month as a one year old, and we are so pleased to see how quickly he's developing - especially with his speech. If you've been following me for a while now you will know that he is a slow talker, but he has been picking up so many words and even a few phrases recently, and is communicating more than ever. It is so amazing to hear him chatter away, and it is lovely to start understanding him more.

Jono has been working harder than ever, and in just a couple of months time he will be solely self employed. It will be a big change for our family, but I am so excited to see it all come together, and I am so proud of his determination and commitment. Aside from juggling two jobs he had Zach on his own for a week while I was away which is the longest either of us have ever parented solo for and since then he's supported me massively since I've been home. Honestly, he is such a star!

I am so excited about next month! February is always one of my favourites, and even more so now I'm a mother, as we will be celebrating Zach's second birthday in just two days time! Although I'm feeling a little annoyed with myself that I haven't gone all out with a big themed birthday party, I'm sure that Zach will still have an amazing time, and maybe embracing the simplicity will be even better than what I originally had in mind.

I hope you've all had good a good January, that you've started smashing those 2017 goals, and that you're feeling a bit more positive than I am right now!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. OH these are lovely hunny. I look forward to another year of your family snaps. Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject

  2. I'll definitely let you off, it's still a lovely photo! I'm still jealous of your Vegas trip, and I cannot wait to read more about it. So lovely that Jono gave your the support you needed to enjoy your time away xx

    1. Ahh thank you my sweet! I will be getting a post up about Vegas really sooooon! And yes Jono is such a star! xx

  3. It's not cheating - a family photo is a family photo, iphone selfie or not. We can pretend it was taken in January I'm sure ;)

  4. VEGAS? Steady on - sounds amazing. I can't believe how big Zach is getting! Another year already - mental! x #meandmine

  5. Aww, your family looks lovely.

    I also cheated this month (although mine were actually from this month haha) but we will just have to do better next month hehe

  6. Still a gorgeous capture! I hope you have a wonderful February lovely xx

  7. I love this photo! I'm a bit of a sucker for black and white. Hope you have a fab month and enjoy the birthday celebrations! x


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