10 Happy Things

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I've spent the past few weeks feeling pretty miserable and poorly, and really quite sorry for myself. I find it so hard to be positive when I'm feeling so rubbish, but despite being down in the dumps there have been lots of little things that have made me smile:

1. Cooking lots of delicious meals from scratch + trying new recipes.

2. I am absolutely hooked on How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix. It is absolutely brilliant, and Viola Davis is my new favourite actress.

3. Making plans for our first camping trip as a family this summer - we're planning on going to the New Forest and I can't wait!

4. Mondays at home with Zach. We have our little routine, which involves playing with his train set, going swimming, Disney films + long naps. Absolute bliss!

5. Cheesecake style breakfasts: vanilla quark with berries + grape nuts. Totally tastes like you're having a cheeky dessert, when it's actually really healthy!

6. Spotting the first spring bulbs blooming, and filling the house with tulips + daffodils.

7. Using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish every day as it feels so so good on my skin.

8. Feeling more confident + comfortable in my own skin after loosing a bit of weight. I've bought a beautiful new skirt, and I feel amazing in it!

9. Nando's - I've been four times in the last few weeks and I can't get enough! I've now started ordering my chicken extra hot which is suuuuuper yum.

10. Taking some time to relax. I've been loving having a long soak in the tub and I'm starting to get back into reading again.

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