Zachary at Two

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Loves to eat broccoli, cereal, spaghetti bolognese and strawberries

Is talking loads, finally!

Has learnt how to use the DVD player

Loves to roar like a lion

Really enjoys his swimming lessons each week

His favourite phrases are "oh wow!" and "up and down"

Sleeps with his fluffy bunny every night (and still calls it Bing)

Loves climbing, running, jumping and dancing!

Is obsessed with puzzles

Says no to almost everything, even when it's something he wants

Has spent two long weekends away from us

Loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star and row row row your boat

Still has two bottles every day

Likes listening to the Frozen soundtrack in the car

Hates sitting in trolleys

Blows kisses to us when he wants us to go away

Absolutely loves playing with his train set

Loves playing with his doll 'Bubba' and changing his nappy

Has tantrums over the most ridiculous things

Is really independent

Still fits comfortably in 18-24 month clothes

Loves being read bedtime stories

Is a total mama's boy!


  1. Working the DVD player at just 2, I still can't do it without the kids tutting at me for doing something wrong!


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