Our Family Photo Shoot

Friday, April 07, 2017

Last month we had our very first family photo shoot with the lovely Cathryn from Cathryn Wood Photography, and I am so excited to share the photos with you! We had never done anything like it before, and knew we wanted some 'proper' photos of our little family, but nothing too stuffy or formal. Even the idea of taking my super active two year old to a studio and trying to get him to pose made me feel stressed, so I knew we needed to try something a bit different.

I've known Cathryn online for a little while now through her beautiful blog Little Paper Swans, and knew her relaxed photography style was exactly what we were after. She works in the Norfolk and Suffolk area, and is happy to take suggestions for shoot locations, so I picked Thetford Forest which turned out to be the perfect woodland backdrop for our photos.

I really love the natural style of Cathryn's photography, and I wish that we could take her along on all of our family adventures! The photos she took perfectly capture our family, and you can really see Zach's cheeky little personality shining through. He was in his absolute element running around and exploring, although of course we did have a few stroppy toddler moments too! I'll leave you with my absolute favourites from the shoot, although I have to say it was hard to choose:


  1. Ah, I love these photos - they capture the beauty of your family but also a playful side too. Ones to treasure for sure!


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