5 Things That Make Life Easier as a Parent

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I've found that since becoming a parent I permanently have a million and one things to do. I never have enough time to get around to everything and I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of things on my to do list. It all feels like one big juggling act, but luckily I've found a few little tricks that seriously make life easier as a parent:


One thing that has made life so much easier as parents is having a shared calendar. Jono and I both use iPhones and have a shared calendar set up which means we are always able to see what the other person is doing. It helps us avoid making clashing plans as obviously one of us needs to be with Zach. If someone asks if I want to go out for drinks one evening I can quickly check on my phone to see if Jono has already got something planned, or if he will be home and able to take charge of dinner and Zach's bed time.


I've recently learnt about the Smarthome Panasonic, which sounds like the ultimate way to make life easier as a parent. You can use it to monitor your home when you are not there, as well as setting it to switch your appliances on and off automatically - all through your smart phone or tablet! I honestly think that it sounds absolutely brilliant, and will definitely be something we will look into when we move home. I love all of the home technology that is available at the moment, it is all so bloody clever - we are living in the future guys!


I think that I'm a little bit weird because I find so much joy in meal planning, but seriously it makes life so much easier. I always know what we're having to eat each day, I have all of the correct ingredients in the house, and it means we barely have any food waste. I tend to plan the types of meals we have based on whether I am working that day or not: quick and simple meals for evenings after a day in the office, and longer more complex recipes for my days off. I share weekly meal plans, so do go have a look if you are in need of some inspo!


I didn't realise how brilliant cordless vacuum cleaners were until we got one, because they are literally such a lifesaver as a parent (especially when you have a messy toddler!) We have cream carpets in our house, which get filthy so quickly, and Zach is constantly dropping bits of food or just generally making a mess. I used to have to get our big vacuum cleaner out all of the time, but now I can quickly zip around with the cordless one and the carpet is crumb free within seconds. (Ours is actually a bit broken, but I have my eye on one of these snazzy Dyson ones next!)


Finally, I thought I would share a tip that I never actually follow, but always wish I did: prepping the night before. If you need to make lunch to take to work, do it in the evening before heading to bed and you won't need to faff around in the morning (which I do every single day). Prepping the night before also goes for getting your bags packed, picking out an outfit, getting things out ready for breakfast in the morning: the more you do before bed the easier life will be in the morning! Now I just need to start doing it!

Please let me know in the comments any tips you have, I seriously need all the help I can get!

*this post is in collaboration with Panasonic, all opinions are my own*

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