The Essex Serpent, Wheels on the Bus & the Perfect Wedding Venue #LittleLoves

Friday, July 28, 2017

We are back from our little camping trip in the New Forest and are finally starting to get back into our usual routine. I always find this time of year a bit unsettling, with people away, a quiet office and all our local haunts being far busier than normal, so I'm on the countdown to September already. I'm a total summer scrooge!


I've just started reading the Essex Serpent, which everyone and their mum seems to be raving about, and although I'm only about a fifth of the way through I have to say I am already really enjoying it. I love the writing style, and we're not too far from Essex so I know a few of the places where the story is set which always makes a book a little better in my opinion. I hope to finish it this week as I have so many books I want to read this summer!


I've been watching a lot of Netflix recently, and after binging my way through Riverdale I decided I fancied some documentaries for a change. I've been watching Reggie Yates' Extreme series, and have been a bit shocked by what I've seen! The series is in two parts - half set in South Africa and half in Russia, both cultures that are very different to our own. It is really interesting, and if you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend giving it a go.


You may have spotted, but I've actually made a few changes to my blog layout - I'm not completely happy with it, but I really wanted a change. Instead of having my posts one after another in one long stream my homepage now displays thumbnails of my posts, which is something I really like on other people's blogs. I do want to change the fonts, so that is next on my to do list, but it seems like quite a faff! Let me know what you think in the comments - I'm always keen to make improvements!


I've worn all of the wrong things this week! The weather has been all over the place, when it is warm in the morning it is cold in the afternoon, and vice versa. I'm hoping it makes its mind up soon as I'm getting a bit bored of swapping between jumpers and strappy tops! I have to say though, I'm getting really excited about getting all of my knitwear out again for Autumn - only one more month to go, and I can't wait!


I have listened to roughly 23984748 renditions of 'The Wheels on the Bus', which has been Zach's favourite song for a good few weeks now. He has a book that plays the tune, so we spend what feels like hours singing along to it, but he also loves to watch Wheels on the Bus videos on YouTube. In America they sing 'all through the town' instead of 'all day long', so Zach has put them together and started singing 'all day in the town'!


We think we've found the perfect wedding venue, so we will hopefully be confirming our date this week which is really exciting! It won't be for nearly two years, but once we've got the venue sorted I think everything will start to feel real, and I can't wait to start thinking about all of the little details as that's always the bit I love most about weddings.

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  1. Eek, how exciting that you've potentially found your wedding venue! Nothing wrong with setting a date two years from now, lots of time to save and prepare. Love that Zach sings Wheels on the Bus, Parker's favourite is Twinkle Twinkle. I nearly put that Reggie Yates series on the other night, will definitely give it a try now. Enjoy your weekend lovely xx

  2. YES! As soon as I saw The Essex Serpent I was thinking PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAY SHE'S ENJOYING IT so yaaaayyy. Literally one of my favourite books now. Hope you can finish it soon and love it as much as I did. I really ought to try to watch some documentaries...they're never the type of thing that I manage to get into. Haha, oh I remember that phase when they get the favourite song and it's all you ever was Old Macdonald for us. I still would rather never ever hear it again. Fingers crossed for the venue!! xx

  3. My youngest enjoys wheels on the bus too. That book is on my list if I ever get my evenings back and find time to read again! The weather is annoying when it's so all over the place this week.

  4. So exciting you may have found your wedding venue! Bet you can't wait to get planning. The weather is horrible at the moment isn't it, here's hoping the sun comes out next week! Everyone is reading that book, might be another one for my growing list. Have a great weekend x

  5. I noticed the layout change as soon as I came on your site and instantly loved it - it looks great!

    I've had my eye on The Essex Serpent for little bit now, so good to hear you've been enjoying it. I'm intrigued by the documentary you've mentioned so will have to look into that.

    How exciting to have found your venue - I bet it all feels more real now.

    The opening photo of this post is just stunning by the way!

  6. I really enjoyed The Essex Serpent, and I'm so pleased that you are too.
    Such exciting news that you've found your wedding venue, it looks gorgeous!
    Loving the changes you've made. I'm planning a big overhaul of my blog but it'll have to wait until September as I'm barely getting time to work let alone do anything else. xx


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