Our UK Travel Bucket List

Friday, August 04, 2017

When Jono and I first got together, I told him that I'd never really explored much of the UK, but that I really wanted to. We made it our mission, bought a big map and some flag pins, and hit the road. We started up north, renting a little cottage near Carlisle and exploring as many places as we could. We visited so many lovely places, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester, and it was honestly one of the best holidays. There's nothing quite like a staycation.

Since then, we've continued charting our travels on our map, and every year we try to tick off more places around the UK. There's so many places we still want to see, and I'm not sure if we'll ever be done, but I thought I would share the places that are currently at the top of our 'must visit' list. Please let me know in the comments your favourite place in the UK, and if we haven't been before I will definitely add it!

(Lulworth Cove and the Durdle Door is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in the UK!)

Our UK Travel Bucket List:


One city we've never been to, mainly because it is so far away, is Liverpool. Everybody who has been seems to rave about it, and from what I can tell it looks like a seriously cool and vibrant city. I'd love to see all of the waterfront and docks, travel on the dazzle ferry, and explore the shopping area. Oh, and eat all of the food too!


When we went on our first trip to the north we did actually visit the outskirts of Newcastle, spending the day at Beamish and then taking a quick trip to visit the Angel of the North, but we didn't see any of the city itself. We'd love to head back to see more, although to be honest I'm not really sure what to expect.


Whilst we have been to the Cotswolds before when I was still at university, it's not somewhere we've managed to explore properly. There are so many beautiful little villages in the rolling hills that I would love to visit, and I can just imagine going on lots of lovely walks, followed by afternoons spent in a cosy pub. Cheltenham is one of my favourite cities, so I would definitely make sure we went back there too.


One of the other big cities in the north that we've never been to is Leeds, and I think it would make the perfect weekend away. Everywhere I've been in Yorkshire so far I've absolutely loved, so I have high hopes for Leeds, and just like Liverpool, it looks like such a vibrant and interesting city. We're thinking we might go for our anniversary, so fingers crossed we can tick it off soon!


After watching the Michalaks video earlier this year of their trip along the North Coast 500 I have been dying to do the same! The scenery looks absolutely breathtaking, and I think that it would be such an amazing adventure. I can just imagine the three of us bundled up in our little car travelling along the long stretches of road, although knowing our luck we'd probably break down and up stuck in the rain at the side of the road!


We've been to Wales a couple of times, including the time we climbed Snowdon whilst I was pregnant, which let me tell you was not my finest hour, but we've never been to Anglesey. I've heard so many people talk about how beautiful it is, and I long to explore the amazing little island. I also love hearing people speak Welsh, and seeing all of the road signs pointing to places with really long names that I can't pronounce - it makes me feel like I'm truly abroad rather than just a few hours up the road!


The final place on our list, at least for now, is Belfast. Jono has actually been before, but I have never been to Northern Island, and I figured Belfast would be a good place to start. As well as exploring the city I would love to take a trip up to see the Giant's Causeway - it looks absolutely incredible, and I'm so jealous that Jono has seen it already!


  1. The photo at the top of this post is just gorgeous, I'm definitely adding it to my travel list! I'd also love to visit The Cotswolds. We went to Bristol a couple of years ago and had a fleeting visit to Bath, I'd love to spend a weekend there. Great list! xx

    1. Bristol and Bath are two of my favourite cities!! Definitely go again! xx


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