Zachary at Two and a Half

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Is obsessed with 'The Wheels on the Bus', and sings it with actions every single day!

Has a speech delay, but is making really good progress

Loves being read Elmer, We're Going on a Bear Hunt and The Tiger who Came to Tea

Still absolutely loves trains, and his wooden train set is still his favourite toy

Has ridden on a horse!

Refuses all ice cream aside from Mr Whippy, which he eats with the tiniest licks

Loves eating spaghetti bolognese, fish fingers & pizza

Knows his colours and numbers, although the latter aren't always in order

Is constantly on the go

Sees his grandparents a lot & totally adores them!

Has all his teeth

Loves spinning round on the roundabout at the park

Still sleeps with his fluffy bunny or "bing" every night, even though it's usually filthy

Lies on the floor in a sulk when he can't get his own way

Loves baking

Knows how to use an iPhone and the DVD player

Is starting to be interested in potty training

Still goes to swimming lessons each week, but doesn't love them as much as he used to!

Has been on two camping trips

Hates bed time, and would rather stay up late with us than go to sleep

Is drowned by clothes designed for his age, he's such a little dot

Loves watching train videos on YouTube

Calls dinosaurs "daw daws" which is the cutest thing ever

Is really fun to be around, most of the time!

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  1. He is a cutie. Him and Chloe would make a great couple. Haha Only messing.
    Tantrum central here too.


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