Goals for December

Friday, December 01, 2017

Well hello there, long time no see!

I took a rather long and impromptu break from the blog, and the online world in general, but I'm feeling ready to dip my toes back in again.

We are now, somehow, at the beginning of December, which means we have just one last month until this year is over. And whilst I'm ready for the fresh start that 2018 will bring I want to enjoy this month to it's fullest. Last December was unbelievably busy, and I remember feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I'm determined that things will be different this year, so I've been working away, getting things prepared for Christmas, so that I can step back, relax and enjoy the most magical time of the year.

As always I've put together a few goals for the month ahead and thought I would share them:


It is no secret that I absolutely adore Christmas, and after having the busiest and most hectic December last year I am ready to take it a little slower this year and really embrace the festive spirit. I've booked a lot of time off work, which I am really looking forward to, and I can't wait to get stuck into all the merriment that Christmas brings.


It is my birthday half way through this month, and this year I will be turning 26! I've never had an issue with getting older, but for some reason this birthday feels like a huge step into the adult world. Despite feeling weirdly anxious about being closer to the big 3-0 I want to really make the most of my birthday this year and celebrate with my nearest and dearest. I can't wait for cake and candles, and as much gin as I can handle!


I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that the new year begins on a Monday - could there possbily be a better fresh start than a new week, new month and new year all on the same day?! I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a great year for our family, and with Zach starting pre school in Januray our dyanmic is set to change a little, and I will (hopefully) have a little more time to myself!

What are your goals for the month ahead? Let me know in the comments below as I'd love to read them!


  1. I was literally telling Nathan the other day how excited I am about the new year starting on a Monday - I love it when a new month begins on a Monday, so a new month & year on a Monday is just amazing! He just thought I was weird. Haha!

    Also, I totally agree with you on 26 feeling like a bigger leap into the adult world - I turned 26 in the summer and definitely felt like that... It must be to do with being closer to 30 than 20!

    It sounds like you're taking a bit of a laid back, but fun, approach to December and I hope that comes to fruition. A happy December to you & your little family.

    Lovely to see a post :-)

    1. Oh Jade, thank you so much for this lovely comment!

      I'm so glad I'm not alone with my New Year on a Monday excitement! Such a fresh start.

      Wishing you and yours a wonderful December too xxx


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