Wedding Talk #2 - We've Sorted the Venue, Catering & Photographer!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Today it is exactly one year since Jono asked me to marry him, and I can't believe how quickly time has gone! When I last wrote about our upcoming wedding plans we didn't really have any, so I'm really pleased that I have a lot to update you on now. After visiting what felt like a million wedding venues we finally settled on the 'one' - a gorgeous barn which has only recently been converted. It has all of the rustic charm from when it was built, but all of those modern touches too, which is something I think is really important (especially when we viewed one barn where the greenery was growing in from the outside, and not in a good way!)

We will be getting married in June 2019, which means we have a long engagement ahead of us. Thankfully this means we will have a plenty of time to save up some money, because in case you didn't know, weddings are seriously, eye-wateringly expensive. Trying to find the balance between having the wedding we (read: I) want to have, and not spending an obscene amount of money has proved more challenging than we had imagined, but now we've ticked off the biggest expenses we feel like we're on the right track.

So aside from the venue, we've also picked catering, which includes fish and chips from the cutest food van for our evening food - something I am really excited about! For our wedding breakfast we are skipping a starter, but having lots of canapes instead, so people can start eating as soon as they come out of the ceremony. I am always starving at that point when I'm at other people's weddings, so I was keen to make sure people were fed as soon as possible. We are then having slow roast shoulder of lamb, which I am really looking forward to, before a trio of desserts (because we couldn't choose just one!)

As well as the venue and the catering we have also booked out photographer - Craig Williams. I am so anal about photography, so this was quite an important one to me. We wanted to make sure we got this booked early so we could have our first pick of photographers. Craig's style is right up our street, and after meeting him for coffee we knew that he was the person we wanted to capture our big day. We won't be doing loads of posed photos, instead he will be taking lots of natural documentary style snaps of our day, and I already know that I will love them all! 

So what's next?

Well, our next big decisions are the flowers and the wedding cake, both of which we've already begun to plan. I absolutely adore both, and have quite a clear vision of the style I'm after, so hopefully it will be relatively easy to make the decisions! Then we're on to the entertainment, as well as the extra lighting that we're hiring for the barn. Plus the billion other things we need to arrange (outfits, rings, decorations, etc).

We still have a year and a half to go, and although everyone keeps telling us how quickly it will go, which I'm sure it will, we do have plenty of time to get everything organised, so for now I'm just enjoying the ride. It's so exciting to put all of your favourite things together, and I can't wait to celebrate our big day with our nearest and dearest!

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