Goals for February

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Hello, and happy February!

I'm so glad that January is now out of the way, it is always my least favourite month; the cold weather, the long wait until payday, and the way it just drags on and on, ugh! February always feels a little kinder, with signs that spring will be a long shortly bringing warmer, brighter days and all of those gorgeous blooms.

February is also a month that, for us at least, is filled with birthdays. The most important of course is Zach's, as our little dot of a boy will be turning three whole years old tomorrow! We're so excited to celebrate, especially as this is the first year that he will understand that it's his birthday. We've got lots of fun plans, and I can't wait to see his excited little face when he wakes up and realises what day it is!

As always I like to set aside some time at the end of the month to think about goals for the month ahead. At the end of December I set a couple of goals for the whole of 2018 rather than just January, and throughout the month I made good progress. Throughout the year my main focus will be on getting healthier and managing my finances, so expect these themes to come up as I share my goals each month.

(counting down the days until it's peony season again!)

So, with that being said, here are the goals I've set myself for February:

Don't Overspend

This month is my first month where I can truly get on top of my finances and begin to budget properly. I've already sat down and created a budget and really I just need to stop spending money on books, lunches and random bits in Tesco! It's always the little things that catch me out as I forget about them and they all add up so quickly. I'm determined to be in control, so I can save more towards our dream wedding!

Settle into a Routine

This month a few things have changed so we need to adjust our routine a little. As I am now a driver I have become Zach's personal chauffeur, ferrying him around everywhere, but not receiving any tips. He's just started preschool, so we're adjusting to the two afternoons each week when I have to get him there on time with all the correct bits and pieces, and I'm finding a new routine with my four-hours-a-week of time where I am totally alone. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be on top of things!

Wake up Earlier

This is another one of those goals that I set myself all of the time and never achieve, so if anyone has any tips on how to wake up (and actually get up) earlier that would be great. I know that it will get easier as the weather gets warmer, and the mornings get brighter, but I think my life would be so much easier if I got myself into a routine of starting my day earlier. Wish me luck - I honestly think it's in my DNA to not be a morning person!

Have you set yourself goals for the month ahead? Is there anything you would love to achieve this year?

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  1. I just came across your blog and I am loving it!
    Such a pretty design and I enjoy your writing style a lot!

    I love getting up early but it is hard! What really helps me is to plan what I want to do in the morning and get excited for it - I then find it much easier to get out of bed (overnight oats waiting in the fridge for me are a great incentive for example). Also, I have this app on my phone called kiwake which is basicall an alarm clock. However it doesn't stop ringing until you have taken a picture of a specific item in your house. This helps you actually get out of bed and then you're up and it is easier to stay awake!

    Have a lovely day,



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